247 Hockey was created to help dedicated hockey players take their game to the next level.

The problem we found was a lot of players and even coaches were hungry to improve and train, but lacked the elite level of coaching and training that is currently available to top players in Junior, Colllege, and Pro hockey.

We set out to provide resources to help players train smarter and access elite hockey training programs.

Our online training modules are available to players 24/7/365 and we 

This isn't just about workouts. 

The workouts are a big part of our system but elite hockey players understand that you must spend an equal amount of time training your positional skills, playmaking skills, and mental game skills in addition to the strength and conditioning

Our training programs are designed to help you separate yourself from other players and make the dramatic improvements it takes to reach the highest levels of hockey and become an elite hockey player.

Our Team:

Zac Headrick: The original founder of 247 Hockey. Intense and passionate about hockey training from a physical, mental, and positional approach. Former coach in the USHL (United States Hockey League).

Adam Kostichka: Has coached through the ranks of hockey from AAA up to Junior A in the NAHL. Over 100 games as a professional hockey player in various leages including the ECHL. Unique ability to transform players through a specific focus on elite skill training, positional instruction, and off-ice workouts.

Consultants: We have several professional and junior hockey players and coaches we work with to evaluate programs, give us feedback, create new videos, and more.